Recent Projects

eCommerce + AJAX + PHP + HTML5 + CSS3 + Web + Responsive + OOJS + jQuery + Wordpress + Custom Admin

A new American Made brand! At Switchit Bags, they manufacture backpacks, drawstring bags, and bags with detachable panels.

Switchit Bags eCommerce Development
PHP + HTML5 + CSS3 + Responsive + OOJS + jQuery + Wordpress + Custom Admin

Stay @Home Mobile Vet Clinic was founded by Dr. Sarah Ford to bring quality, customized veterinary care for dogs and cats right to your door.

Stay @home Mobile Vet Clinic - Freelance Development

10+ Years of Experience

I’ve spent the last decade developing sites for a few local agencies. While employed at these companies I literally worked on hundreds of different websites. If you would like more information about my previous work contact me.