Development Skills

Hi! My name is Jack. I'm a freelance web developer with over 10 years of experience creating websites for businesses of all sizes. I have a strong focus on Wordpress custom theming, LAMP Stack, eCommerce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. My back-end skills include PHP and ASP.NET MVC. I have a passion for creating functional, innovative websites and I am diligent in writing organized and efficient code.

Front-end Development Skills


HTML is the foundation of every page on the web. Writing semantic and well organized HTML is very important and can set the tone of a project.


Without CSS our web pages would look bland and boring. With CSS we can give our pages personality. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and pushing the limits with CSS.

Javascript + jQuery

This is where development starts to get fun. Javascript turns the front-end into a playground of possibilities. Using AJAX to pull data from an API, creating a photo gallery, validating a form are just a few examples out of the endless possibilities.

Back-end Development Skills


Wordpress is awesome! I enjoy creating dynamically driven appliciations without the use of plugins. In the last 10 years I have developed many custom themes for clients using Wordpress. Most of these themes included back-end functionality including eCommerce, product finders, advanced search, custom galleries & much more. I also enjoy devloping the admin area, making content population of these dynamically driven pages a breeze.


The majority of my PHP experience stems from creating custom Wordpress themes from scratch. More recently, I have been using PHP to create or modify skins for other PHP based CMSs.


Most of my experience here is manipulating views and incorporating Razor to embed C# to create dynamically driven pages. From time to time, I will need to dive into a Modal or Controller to make some minor tweaks.

Design Skills

Photoshop + Illustrator + Fireworks

I don't consider myself a designer, however I have worked closely with many designers through the development process to know a thing or two about design. I also use these programs frequently to optimize images, create SVGs and complete a variety of other tasks.

Adding to my tool box

React + Vue.js

As a developer, I love learning new technologies and keeping up on the latest trends. Above are some of the things I am currently learning and experimenting with.